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Why Power Flushing is needed?
A power flush can restore circulation, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and increase the lifespan of your system.

Through time, all central heating systems accumulate sludge which detrimentally affects the efficiency of a central heating system and therefore increases the costs of running it.
Additional problems such as a noisy system, rusting radiators, continual venting of radiators and/or black water from radiators are all symptoms showing that Power flushing could help you.

What is Power Flushing?
Power Flushing is the process by which sludge, rust and other debris from a central heating system is removed using a purpose made Power Flushing machine, in conjunction with water and chemical based products to help break down the debris build ups.

This will lead to cheaper fuel bills and a longer life span of your heating system!

Will a Power Flush Help My System?
Does your heating system show any of these signs? If yes, then a power flush may help!

1) Some of the radiators are completely cold or have cold spots
2) The radiators need bleeding/venting often
3) There is a lot of noise from the system/boiler
4) The system is slow to warm up

Magna-Clean Filters
Magna-clean filters are fitted to the flow and return pipe work and can be fitted to an existing system with a small modification to the pipe work.

They are designed to filter the system water using a strong magnet. They remove iron particles that can reduce efficiency and can block the system causing cold spots on the radiators or at worst the system to completely fail.

In turn the magna-clean filters are cleaned out at regular intervals ie: annual servicing

By fitting a Magna-clean filter, you can reduce the need for power flushing and expect a longer life from your central heating system.

Kamco power flushermagnaKamco power flushing machine (kit)